Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Threat Cloud Intelligence Portal?

The ThreatCloud Intelligence Portal provides easy and unified access to Threat Intelligence protections and metadata: IPS protections, Applications, Anti-Virus & Anti-Bot signatures and more. It also provides access to Check Point’s intelligence & research publications, in context, with flexible search options. Portal users can interact with Check Point’s Threat Prevention capabilities by requesting a SandBlast analysis of a suspected malicious file and also request coverage for a new threat or report a misdetection in a certain Threat Prevention blade.

What can I search for in the portal?

The following entities are available in the portal:
  • IPS Protections
  • Applications
  • Anti-Virus & Anti Bot signatures
  • Malware Families
  • Publications
  • Glossary

How can I contact you regarding the portal?

Visit the page.

Who collects and analyzes intelligence in Check Point?

We have more than 150 analysts and researchers, actively researching new threats, obtaining relevant threat intelligence, developing new protections and signatures for various products and releasing them to our customers for their comprehensive protection.

How do you collect the global intelligence regarding attacks and trends?

We collect anonymized logs from customers' gateways and analyze them. Customers can opt-in to share such logs through SmartDashboard by checking: "Share anonymous attack information with Check Point ThreatCloud" under the "Anti-Bot and Anti-Virus" section in the gateway properties.

What is actionable intelligence?

The main goal of Check Point’s intelligence is to find ways to better protect our customers from cyber threats. This portal is a by-product of our day to day work on gathering such intelligence, which is leveraged to our threat prevention blades.

What are the future plans and roadmap for the Threat Intelligence Portal?

We are planning to add various enhancements and additional features, including:
  • Indicator search (MD5/Domain/URL/IP)
  • Content Export for a specific blade (IPS, Applications, AV/AB)

What publications can I find in the portal?

The following publication types can be found in the portal:
  • Research Publications
  • Threat Alerts for new threats
  • Weekly Intelligence Reports based on open source information
  • IPS & Application Control Release Letters
  • Best Practices documents